#9 26 Jan 2017. Herland


Ink, Aquarelle pencils, text added in Photoshop

I was discussing Charlotte Perkin Gilman’s 1915 speculative fiction Herland tonight – a subversive Boy’s Own-style (Girls’ Own?) adventure about an isolated tribe of women who have organised a society without men, and who reproduce by parthenogenesis. When three men manage to enter, the ensuing encounter holds a mirror up to early 20thC patriarchal, capitalist American society. It is a marvellous, sustained piece of satire in the tradition of Gulliver’s Travels and I highly recommend it.

The background here is a discarded sheet which I just used to clean my brushes during the Maspalomas painting. I noticed how the abstract shapes resembled a fantastic landscape, so I’ve added a few of the inhabitants of Herland.


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