#20. 6 Feb 2017. Some songs feel like butter…


Charcoal, oil pastel, glitter, tea

A lyric from one of my favourite bands, Low. The song is Especially Me.

Some songs feel like butter

Some songs sound like cake

This little number

Is for your sake.

The tea was because I wanted to wet the oil pastels (they are water soluble) but couldn’t be bothered fetching some water. The glitter was because, well, Lynda Barry would understand. It’s that kind of evening.


One comment

  1. […] About five years ago I drew another detail from this altarpiece (below). The bird the infant Christ holds is probably a swallow, symbolising resurrection. The painting is sited in its own special alcove at Kelvingrove Art Galleries, with choral music in the background. However I listened to my own sacred music through headphones while drawing this (Low’s Congregation and Especially Me). […]


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