#30. 16 February 2017. People are constantly moving.


Spent my lunch-hour at Kelvingrove Gallery again today. I began drawing the guest organist at the bottom of the page, hoping to do a magnificent full page drawing of him dwarfed by the towering organ. He was constantly in motion, doing amazing twists to reach the stops, pulling the organist’s equivalent of guitar face as he hammered out New York, New York. However I only caught the end of his set, so I moved round the balcony to drew people in the cafe below. I was particularly intrigued by the trio bottom right, who were in intense conversation – I nosily speculated what they might be talking about and what their relationship was.

Observation 1: people fall into the most beautiful gestures and poses in casual everyday life.

Observation 2: the fuckers are constantly in motion.

Right now, daily drawing feels like a bit of a lifeline – it causes its own mild anxiety but it gives respite from a lot of useless anxiety I am holding at the moment. It is a container for a restless observant mind, that otherwise spots things that would make good subjects, but never quite gets round to drawing them. Is there a word for that? There’s a greater link between thinking and doing in other words. Maybe what I mean is Jessica Abel’s concept of Idea Debt. This daily discipline/pleasure helps avoid too much Idea Debt, in this small segment of my life at least.

I admire more balanced people who don’t need to put themselves under the daily cosh, but for me, it’s seems to be all or nothing. Either I draw every day or there’s a good chance I don’t draw at all.


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