#51. 9 March 2017. From Park circus towards Dumgoyne.

51 9 March 2017. From Park Circus towards Dumgoyne resized

Quite a complex view, sitting high up overlooking Kelvingrove Park on a bench at the equestrian monument. I particularly enjoyed drawing the clouds, and the aeroplanes that appeared at regular intervals. My hands are still very cold – drawing is an embodied activity, susceptible to temperature, awkward seating and so on, and I was pretty uncomfortable by the time I was tackling the trees at right. I struggle with depicting the complexity of trees overlaying buildings in a way I am happy with but think it works well in the lower left of the picture in front of the foremost tenement. Other aspects, in the distance, are too heavily emphasised, I know. Another thing that went well was the sighting – I only took a couple of basic sightings for the overall length and width of the scene, but otherwise the picture (unusually) much stayed within its boundaries and I didn’t find I had wandered too far off course at any point. My attention was distracted at a couple of points when people sat on the bench next to me, or stood watching. Lovely sunny lunchbreak, with a guy playing jazz guitar on the bridge below, and the savory waft of dope from gaggles of students under trees. Official signs that Spring is well underway.


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