image #83. 10 April 2017. Clematis shadows and chicken wire.

A sunny day. I intended this to be a more patterned image, but I found that by the time I’d outlined the complicated shadows of the clematis from left to right, and went back to block them in, the sun had shifted, and changed all the patterns, just in the space of 10-15 minutes. So I had to fudge this a little, so I am aware the observation isn’t that accurate.

I wanted to contrast the blurry shadows on the top fence plank, where the plant grows at a greater distance from the wood, with the crisper shadows on the lower plank, where the plant grows tight against the fence. I wasn’t entirely successful, as I was tiring by the time I got to the lower plank so it’s rather undeveloped. (For some reason today I had a very academic voice inside my head observing, coaching but mainly criticising! Who is that fellow?)


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