#94. 20 April 2017. Scottish Society for Paranormal Research.

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Visual notes from my pal Innes’s talk at Woodside Hall. He is Vice-President and (in my mind) Ghosthunter-in-Chief for the SSPR, though he says it’s more like paranormal social work. He is often in the game of listening to fragile people, calming situations down and looking for rational explanations. It was very entertaining, and he’s a good storyteller.

That’s not an apparition under the table: the room was so rammed, his partner Penny had to sit under there.



  1. Fascinating…..I remember about the Roman soldiers walking through a basement…..observer said they really stank, and were not of course the shiny legionnaires of TV,and the original ground level was way below what it is now….hence half visible. This experience rung true on several levels…….


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