130 – 27 May 2017 – Nest

Not too sure what to call this technique. It’s basically a more sophisticated version of what we used to do in school with wax crayons. I was trying to get the effect of a mezzotint or lithograph.

I drew a nest* first of all on tracing paper, then clipped it to a mount, on which I then made some washes using the watersoluble pastels, roughly blocking out the main colour areas.

I then used the pastels again, dry this time, to draw blocks of colour on more sheets and inserted them one after the other, face down between the tracing paper and mount, giving me a set of  coloured layers to “print” from, which I did by going over bits of my drawing in heavy ballpoint.

I’m pleased with how this turned out, especially the vibrancy of the blue-on-blue eggs.

(*loosely based on an illustration of a bullfinch nest in Gould and Richter’s Birds of Great Britain)


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