136 – 2 June 2017 – Kelvingrove Park

136 – 2 June 2017 – Kelvingrove26

Unexpected sunny day. Kelvingrove Park has lots of paths and hills, with satisfying perspectives of tiny people in the distance – it makes me think of an instructional religious illustration of the pilgrim’s progress.

I’ve been trying to be more aware of what I edit out of pictures, and why. I decided to leave this graffitied council bin squarely in the foreground! That’s the towers of the Art Gallery making another appearance too in the distance.

I struggle with depicting foliage masses – obviously one needn’t draw every leaf, but how to indicate broad masses that still retain the character of the particular tree, I find tricky. I might try and see how other artists manage it.

Soundtrack to this drawing was skateboards as there’s a dedicated scape just about where the foreground girl is looking. I did edit that out as I thought it’d overcomplicated an already complicated picture, though I have drawn it before as part of the DEDFAY project.


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