148 – 15 June 2017 – Palimpsest

Four layers of tracings, based on an old photograph of my dad and his (barely visible) dog at St Blane’s, Bute. (The traced copperplate is my mum’s, from a time well before she and her handwriting grew frail.)

This was a bit of a conundrum. It was very hard to photograph the layered tracings because the centre section wouldn’t lay flat enough (I would have needed to photograph it against light, between two panes of glass I think) so I resorted to scanning the layers and adjusting opacity in Photoshop. But that doesn’t quite work the same way as making each layer semi-transparent, also affects the pencil-work.

In other words, the layered misty effect is smoothed out, because the top layer’s pencils are made more transparent by the opacity, as the ground is. I would have needed to separate and scan the pencil-lines separately and  insert a “fake” Photoshop layer of semi-opaque paper between each pencilled layer I guess. Reader, I lost patience.


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