22 Jan 2017. #5. Two lion masks


Aquarelle pencil on Daler Rowney Murano paper, first dry then with wet brush applied

I really like Aquarelle watercolour pencils, which have a luminous colour and depth when dry, but when you apply water, become exceptionally vivid and gem-like. However I guess this was the first time I’d tried them on Murano paper, and looking at it pad now I can see it only seems to be compatible with dry media like pastels. Rather than intensifying the pencil, the water made it very dark and murky. But that’s OK, this was an experiment, and I actually quite like the effect even if it’s not what I was aiming for. The second mask resembles an ancient bronze with a dusty-dull patina, newly rescued from the sea or the earth; it’s a handy effect to be able to call on.

Incidentally, the lion mask was purchased, after a hard day, from the Sentry Box, a wonderful toy shop just off Byres Rd in Glasgow. If you are feeling blue, I highly recommend giving yourself a fiver to spend in there, whatever your age.


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