23 Jan 2017.#6. Maspalomas dunes.


Coloured ink and brushes

I had a tough day today processing around 250 proposals in my day job, really repetitive VDU intensive work, for seven hours solid… So the last thing I wanted was to screw up my eyes focusing on details when I got home – I wanted to do something freer. My brother gave me a pack of eight Windsor and Newton inks for Christmas, and this is the first time I have busted them out. I don’t use coloured inks often, I’m more used to using black India ink with a mapping pen or fine brush. So this was an experiment, using a photograph of a recent holiday to Gran Canaria, where we visited the incredible dune reserve of Maspalomas (also a popular nudist/gay cruising area, figures dotted around the dunes like Anthony Gormley statues). I’m not sure what caused the  white speckles in my sky, but I like the Milky Way effect. I’d like to try ink again with a resistant agent of some kind – white crayon maybe?  Top tip – I mixed the colours in an ice cube tray. PS The crappy merge is because the automated Photomerge in Photoshop has stopped working for me and none of the fixes I can  find on the net have worked. I only discovered this wonderful function relatively recently as well. Pah!


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